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Founded in 2013, Tiziana Life Sciences plc is a UK AIM-listed biotechnology company (AIM:TILS) focused on developing next generation therapeutics and diagnostics for cancers and immune diseases.

We combine field-leading medical scientists with deep knowledge and novel insights into disease mechanisms and a highly experienced clinical development team, to advanced potential solutons to tackle these challenging, high-potential opportunities.


  1. Founded in 2013; based in London, UK

  2. UK AIM listed biotech since 2014

  3. Focused on oncology and immune diseases

  4. Targets disease through rational design of drugs

  5. Strong pipeline of in-licensed clinical & pre-clinical assets

  6. Highly experienced management and scientific team

  7. Recent acquisition of the unique Shardna biorepository

  8. Lean and virtual R&D business model



  1. Tiziana Life Sciences was named after a young woman dear to the founders who tragically died at the age of 30 of metastatic breast cancer. Her enduring spirit lives on in our passion to advance medical science and this endeavour to bring therapies to others who may yet be saved.



Tiziana Life Sciences’ mission is to discover and develop novel molecules that impact serious human diseases in the area of oncology and immunology.

Our first programme focused on metastatic cancers where there is a large unmet need for targeted therapeutics for late-stage breast cancer, which currently has very low survivability - more than 92% of Stage 4 / metastatic cancer patients die within 5 years of diagnosis. The company has since expanded its pipeline of assets to include lead clinical stage development therapeutic candidates in both oncology and immunology and a drug discovery pipeline of small molecule NCEs.

The business employs a lean and virtual R&D business model using highly experienced teams of experts for each business function to maximize value accretion and focus capital on the drug development and discovery processes.


The Company’s lead compound, milciclib (TZLS-201), is a molecule which blocks the action of specific enzymes called cyclin-dependent kinases (CDK) involved in cell division as well as a number of other protein kinases. Milciclib is currently completing phase II clinical trials for epithelial thymic carcinoma and/or thymoma in patients previously treated with chemotherapy and has filed an IND to enroll patients in an exploratory trial in hepatic cellular carcinoma (HCC).

Foralumab (TZLS-401) has significant potential as the only fully human engineered anti-human CD3 antibody in clinical development. With Phase II development for Crohn’s Disease completed, modulation of T-cell response provides potential extension into a wide range of other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, such as NASH, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and type-1 diabetes (T1D).

TZLS-101 is a unique candidate targeting Bcl-3, a protein that plays a prominent role in the metastasis of mammary cancers. Pre-clinical models have demonstrated significant reduction of metastasis. The mechanism of Bcl-3 action as a regulator of cancer cell motility and observation that Bcl-3 inhibition suppresses cell motility in triple-negative, HER-2-positive PR- and ER-positive breast cancer sub-types, suggests that Bcl-3 may be a master regulator of this metastatic property not only in aggressive breast cancers, but across the clinical spectrum of breast disease. An IND package is in preparation with the intention of progressing to clinical trials mid-2017.

Tiziana Life Sciences has recently acquired IP associated with a small molecule inhibitor of c-Flip (known as OH14). The company is funding early development studies to provide proof-of-principle for this new class of agent in targeting cancer stem cell sub-populations within pre-clinical model systems.

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